Do Medigaps Work With Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) and Medicaid?Medicare Savings Programs and Medicaid are assistance programs that help you with your health care costs. MSPs pay for your Part B premium and Medicaid pays for some of your health care costs after Medicare and any other insurance has paid. In general, it is illegal for someone to sell you a Medigap if you already have the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) level of the MSP. However, if you purchase a Medigap before you enroll in an QMB, then you are allowed to keep your coverage.

If you are over the limit for Medicaid or an MSP in some states, your Medigap premium can be used to lower your monthly income by the amount you pay for the premium. Additionally, if you have Medicare, Medicaid, and a Medigap, your Medigap can pay for services you receive from a provider who doesn’t accept Medicaid. Note that these circumstances only apply if you have a Medigap before you qualify for and enroll in Medicaid or an MSP. You cannot purchase a Medigap after you are enrolled.

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