What Are Some Tips For Making A Strong Appeal?Below are some general rules to follow when appealing the denial of a health service or item:

  • Try to understand the reason that your plan is denying coverage for your health service or item.
    • Address any relevant coverage rules in your appeal letter, and encourage your doctor to do the same.
    • If you need assistance understanding the coverage rules surrounding the service or item in question, you can contact your State Health Insurance Assistance Plan (SHIP) for assistance by calling 877-839-2675 or visiting www.shiptacenter.org.
  • Keep good records of all your communications throughout the appeals process. Some ways to do this are:
    • Submit your requests in writing.
    • Keep proof of when you sent your appeal.
    • Keep all fax transmission reports, mail information by certified mail, or return receipts.
    • Write down details about phone calls regarding your appeal. This includes what you discussed, who you spoke to, and the date and time of the call.
  • Meet the deadlines. If you are unable to meet specified deadlines, request a good cause extension (see When and How Should I Request a Good Cause Extension?).
  • If you think you need help appealing, you can appoint a representative. The representative can be a friend, family member, doctor, or lawyer.

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