The 10 plans are A, B, C, D, F, L, K, G, M and N.

To sell a person Medicare Supplement insuranAbout Medicare Supplement plansce, an insurance agent must be licensed to do so in that state.

What’s more, insurance companies must offer Plan A if they want to offer any Medicare Supplement plans. They must also offer Plan C or Plan F.

If you live in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Medicare Supplement is standardized differently than other states.

Insurance companies set pricing for their plans in a variety of ways. Some companies charge the same regardless of the person’s age, while others set the premium rate by the age of the purchaser. (The younger you are, the less expensive it costs.)

Still others raise premium prices as the people who buy their policies get older, as well as for other reasons, such as inflation.

Knowing which of these pricing methods applies to the Medicare Supplement plan you are considering will help you budget for the costs now, as well as further down the road.

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