Medicare Administration

Whether you are brand new to Medicare or have been a beneficiary for years, we have resources that will help you navigate this complex system.

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Medicare Administration FAQ’s

Medicare Reimbursement

Except on rare occasions, you should not have to file for reimbursement from Medicare.If you have Original Medicare, your provider will send your claims directly to Medicare, which will pay your provider according to the established reimbursement...

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Replace Your Medicare Card

If you need your Medicare card replaced, call the National Social Security Hotline at (800) 772-1213.You can also visit your local Social Security office, or make the request online at Be ready with your Social Security number, date of birth and...

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Moving to a New State

You do not need to change your Original Medicare coverage if you move to a new state. However, you will need to notify your current health care provider, so you can transfer your medical records.Beneficiaries may use any doctor or hospital that accepts...

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Renewing Your Medicare Plan

While you do not need to renew your Medicare coverage, it is a good idea to review your coverage annually.This typically holds true for Original Medicare, Prescription Drug Program plans and Medicare Advantage plans. As long as you keep paying your...

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Medical Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document allowing you to appoint another person to make health, property, financial, and other legal decisions on your behalf.Choose this individual carefully. Whoever you select to manage your finances could play an...

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What is the Medicare & You Handbook? How can I get one?

Medicare & You is a handbook published each year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).It explains Medicare-covered services and the costs associated with Original Medicare for the coming year. Each Medicare beneficiary is mailed a...

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