Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are required to incorporate all  Original Medicare benefits. Many, but not all, include additional coverage options such as vision, dental and hearing. Some also incorporate fitness and wellness components. These plans normally include Part A, Part B and sometimes, Part D. Learn more below.

Medicare Advantage FAQ’s

What is Considered a Supplemental Benefit?

Medicare covers a lot. But there are some health services that the basic Original Medicare program just doesn’t pay for. That’s where supplemental benefits come in. These are the extras that you can get by buying a Medicare Advantage plan.  Supplemental benefits may...

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Using Medicare for Vision Coverage

Medicare can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to eye care. Many plans don’t cover routine eye exams, but others may. Some plans cover additional treatment for eye issues, while others don’t. And a lot of what’s covered can depend on your individual...

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The Basics of Medicare PFFS

When you’re choosing Medicare coverage, either for the first time or during the annual open enrollment period, you’re faced with a lot of different Medicare plan options. Finding what works best for your health needs and budget involves understanding the different...

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