Medicare Basics

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. When you are ready to learn more, check out Medicare In-Depth.

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Medicare Basics FAQ’s

What is the Part B Buy-In Program?

All states have a Part B Buy-in, which is a process that can help you enroll in Part B outside regular enrollment periods.Normally, you must wait until the General Enrollment Period (GEP) to sign up for Part B if you did not enroll in Part B when first...

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What is the Part A Buy-In Program?

The Part A Buy-in is a process available in certain states if you are ineligible to receive premium-free Part A. The Part A Buy-in process allows qualifying individuals who delayed Part A enrollment to get Part A outside the GEP. Through the Part A Buy-in,...

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What is QMB Improper Billing?

In Medicare, the term improper billing refers to a provider inappropriately billing a beneficiary for Medicare cost-sharing. Cost-sharing can include deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Federal law prohibits providers from billing people enrolled in...

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What are Other Benefits of MSP Enrollment?

One benefit of enrolling in an MSP is that it will allow you to enroll in Part B outside of the regular enrollment periods. This is important because you usually must wait for the General Enrollment Period (GEP) to sign up for Medicare if you do not sign...

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What is a Fair Hearing?

A fair hearing is an opportunity for you to challenge a decision made about your MSP application. You have the right to a fair hearing in order to ask the agency that decides eligibility for the MSPs in your state to reconsider their decision to deny your...

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