Medicare Basics

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Medicare Basics FAQ’s

The Importance of Putting Future Care Wishes in Writing

Each state has different rules regarding who becomes the default decision-maker if you do not have a health care proxy or some other means of expressing your treatment wishes. If you become unable to make medical decisions because you are incapacitated by...

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Locating Legal Assistance to Help Plan Future Care

You do not need a lawyer to create an advance directive, living will, or health care proxy. However, you may want legal assistance if you have unusual needs or there are disagreements among family members. You should consult a lawyer to obtain a power of...

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Creating Documents to Plan Future Care

In most cases, you do not need a specific form to create an advance directive or living will, or to make someone your health care proxy or grant them power of attorney. However, your documents should:Comply with any rules in your stateCover all the issues...

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What is a Fair Hearing?

A fair hearing is an opportunity for you to challenge a decision made about your MSP application. You have the right to a fair hearing in order to ask the agency that decides eligibility for the MSPs in your state to reconsider their decision to deny your...

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