Medicare In-Depth

Medicare is broad in scale and complex in nature. It comprises an alphabet soup of parts and plans.

Then there are the many policy combinations, eligibility guidelines, and enrollment periods.

We understand Medicare.

Here, we take on common questions and answer them in detail. Our goal is to remove any confusion or doubts you have about Medicare, so you can move forward with making your decision.

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Medicare In-Depth FAQ’s

Medicare and Bone Density Tests; What to Know

An unfortunate part of growing older is that your bones may weaken. And weakened bones can lead to broken bones. No one wants that—including Medicare. That’s why Medicare covers bone density testing. But there are conditions on how much and how often it will pay, so...

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How Medicare Covers Prostate Health, PSA Tests, and Surgery

The odds are that someone in your life has already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. One of the most common cancers, prostate cancer will affect one in seven or eight American men, usually later in life, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The good news...

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Medicare DME: Will Your Wheelchair or Oxygen Be Covered?

Whether it’s a walker to keep you mobile or a blood sugar meter that helps you stay on top of your own health, durable medical equipment can be key for independence and health. The good news is that Medicare does cover durable medical equipment (DME) through Medicare...

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What is Medicare’s Homebound Requirement?

Homebound can sound like a scary designation, but don’t let it intimidate you. Medicare homebound status is a classification Medicare uses to describe someone who needs assistance leaving home or who isn’t generally advised to leave home. But being homebound doesn’t...

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Does Medicare Cover Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Care?

Healing sometimes requires extra care. Maybe you’ve just had surgery or you’re recovering from a serious illness or injury. When you need specialized services that you can’t get at home or from a skilled nursing facility, the best option may be a rehabilitation...

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How do I Request a New IRMAA Determination?

 If Social Security determines that you should pay an IRMAA, they will mail you a notice called an initial determination. This notice should include information on how to request a new initial determination. A new initial determination is a revised decision that...

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How do I Submit an Appeal for my IRMAA Decision?

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you’re on Medicare and your income is above a certain level, you may have to pay extra on your Part B and/or Part D premiums. But if you get the notification of your Social Security...

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What You Need to Know About Medicare Equitable Relief

If you didn’t sign up for Medicare Part B and you believe someone else is responsible for the error, you may be eligible for Medicare equitable relief. Read on to learn exactly what Medicare equitable relief is, who’s eligible, how to request it, and more.  What Is...

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