Medicare In-Depth

Medicare is broad in scale and complex in nature. It comprises an alphabet soup of parts and plans.

Then there are the many policy combinations, eligibility guidelines, and enrollment periods.

We understand Medicare.

Here, we take on common questions and answer them in detail. Our goal is to remove any confusion or doubts you have about Medicare, so you can move forward with making your decision.

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Medicare In-Depth FAQ’s

What is the Medicare Deductible?

On October 12, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the  Medicare Part A and Part B premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts for 2019.

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When Can I Enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B?

The first opportunity you have to enroll in Medicare is called your Initial Enrollment Period. The steps you should take to enroll in Medicare Part A (inpatient insurance) and Part B (outpatient medical insurance) depend on how you became eligible for Medicare and if you are already collecting Social Security benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits.

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Are Preventive Services Free with Medicare?

 Preventive care is the care you receive to prevent illness, detect medical conditions, and keep you healthy. If you meet the eligibility requirements and guidelines for a preventive service, Part B of Original Medicare or your Medicare Advantage Plan must cover that...

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What Happens During the Welcome to Medicare Visit?

The Welcome to Medicare visit is a one-time appointment you can receive when you are new to Medicare. The goals of the visit are promoting general health and disease prevention.During the course of your preventive visit, your provider should:Review your...

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