What Do Medicare Advantage Plans Offer?
Some Medicare Advantage Plans cover services that are not covered by Original Medicare.
Common supplemental benefits include:

  •  Dental care.
  •  Vision care.
  •  Hearing aids.

Starting in 2019, Medicare Advantage Plans were granted more flexibility in the supplemental benefits they are allowed to offer to their members. This includes the ability to offer benefits that are not directly considered medical care. These benefits might include nutrition services, in-home supports, and home modifications. Starting in 2020, plans are allowed to begin offering even more services to certain members with chronic conditions.

These changes mean that there may be more factors to consider when comparing Medicare Advantage Plan options during Fall Open Enrollment. Carefully review your Medicare Advantage Plan’s Evidence of Coverage and any other materials from your plan. If you are considering a new plan that offers its members additional supplemental benefits, make sure to find out about the costs and coverage restrictions associated with those benefits. If you need help understanding your plan’s benefits or reviewing your coverage options, call your SHIP for assistance. To contact your SHIP, call 877-839-2675 or visit www.shiptacenter.com.

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