As a part of Original Medicare, Medicare Part B medical coverage may be similar to the health insurance you or a loved one may have had while working.

 Medicare Part B Coverage includes:

  •  Doctor visits.
  •  Preventative services
  •  Outpatient medical and surgical services and supplies.
  •  Lab tests.
  •  Durable medical equipment.
  •  Diabetic testing supplies.

The following chart shows Medicare Part B costs last year compared to this year.

Original Medicare Part B Costs: 2018 vs. 2019
PartB premium*$134/month$135.50/month
PartB deductible$183/year$185/year
PartB coinsurance20% for most services20% for most services
*If your annual income is higher than $85,000 for an individual ($170,000 for a couple), you will pay a higher Part B premium. Visit for Part B costs by annual income.

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