At, our reputation is based on our singular focus to provide Medicare beneficiaries with the education and guidance needed to make knowledgeable decisions about the Medicare enrollment process. licensed agents must continually meet our company’s high Standards of Excellence, and because of that, beneficiaries can be confident they will receive:

    • Impartial education on Medicare coverage and plans
    • Realistic options, based only on needs and preferences
    • Reliable support during the Medicare enrollment process requires its agents and representatives undergo thorough and ongoing training to ensure they meet our Standards of Excellence and deliver superior education and health insurance brokerage services to consumers and Medicare beneficiaries. Agent Training and Quality Assurance Standards

Our Promise:

Medicare beneficiaries can be assured that licensed agents are well-trained and ready to provide knowledgeable assistance in the Medicare enrollment process. is proud that our agent standards exceed what is expected for general licensure and carrier certification. Our licensed agents receive continual training to stay up-to-date on current Medicare requirements, are regularly monitored to ensure exceptional consumer interactions, and are expertly coached to deliver outstanding service. In addition, agents undergo regular proprietary and carrier-specific training from and Agent Compensation and Product/Carrier Steering Standards

Our Promise: licensed agents will not pressure, encourage or steer Medicare beneficiaries into purchasing a specific product or working with a specific company or carrier. agents are only interested in what’s best for Medicare beneficiaries. Our agents are required to recommend plans that best meet the beneficiaries’ needs., regardless of any association with a company, carrier or plan. has in place Agent Compensation and Product/Carrier Steering standards that safeguard Medicare beneficiaries from being pressured or encouraged into buying products that don’t meet their needs. agents are fairly compensated, and their compensations are not based on recommending any specific company, carrier or plan. Beneficiary Assistance Standards

Our Promise:

Medicare beneficiaries requiring additional support can contact a licensed agent who will provide the help and guidance needed, free of charge. prides itself on its commitment to assisting Medicare beneficiaries with issues related to accessing Medicare or non-Medicare services, including but not limited to:

    • Applying for Medicare Parts A and/or B
    • Applying for Low Income Subsidy (LIS)
    • Applying for SPAP/PA
    • Applying for the Lifeline Assistance Program, an FCC-mandated government program Education and Decision Support Standards

Our Promise: licensed agents will provide Medicare beneficiaries with needs-based information on Medicare and non-Medicare plan options that are comprehensive, uncomplicated and unbiased. licensed agents adhere to all Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services policies, procedures and regulations, which ensure Medicare beneficiaries receive comprehensive information about their coverage options that is concise, transparent, beneficiary-focused, impartial and based on specific individual needs, circumstances and preferences. Service and Support Standards

Our Promise: licensed agents will provide Medicare beneficiaries with timely, courteous and high-quality service and support.’s service and support standards ensure Medicare beneficiaries can receive timely, courteous and high-quality services and support. Beneficiaries also have access to translation (for most languages) and hearing-impaired (TTY) services, free of charge. Regulatory Compliance Standards

Our Promise: licensed agents are legally compliant with CMS and state departments of insurance regulations.

Maintaining our regulatory compliance is one of the highest priorities at Our compliance standards ensure that agents comply with all applicable regulations for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state insurance regulations, state appointment requirements and carrier certifications.